Equipping Advice

Equipping Advice

The users have to be very clear when it comes to assessing the requirements for each department. They have to be aware of the space needed to accommodate large items of furniture or equipment.

Producing equipment lists can be a time-consuming task and one fraught with frustration for both the users and the architect.

It is important to have someone who understands the clinical or medical procedures and who knows the processes involved when it comes to scheduling equipment.

We can advise you of the best way to set up you user group meetings, the personnel needed for the task and the most effective ways in which the client and architect can work together.

We can also inform you of software that is available to assist you with this task.

A useful source of information is the Department of Health Activity Data Base.

Room Data Sheets

Typical room data sheets cover every aspect of the function or use of a room.

It will state the number of personnel, the activities carried out, the required number of air changes, the temperature, and the finishes of walls, floors, and ceilings.

It will list the numbers of socket outlets, computer points, telephone jacks, nurse calls.

It will state how many chairs, tables, notice boards, cupboards or filing cabinets are needed.

Most importantly it will list of the large items of diagnostic equipment and the services required for them.

It will enable a cost to be set against equipping your new facilities.

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