ArcHealth is an organisation at the forefront of strategic and clinical planning in both the public and private sector, at home and abroad.  Our consultancy has evolved in order to assist and advise clients how to make the best choices and the right decisions when faced with the task of creating a brief and appointing a design team for new build or refurbishment of clinical facilities.

An architect and a healthcare planner with  over 40 years experience in the healthcare field. We have worked closely with our clients and the end users on a wide range of building types and at all stages of the design and contract process.

Through our knowledge and experience we have built an international reputation for our ability to deliver consistent, high quality outputs for successful health facility development projects.

What we can do for you

  • Facilitation and consultation
  • Formulating the brief
  • Functional planning of facilities for health care and the teaching of medicine
  • Equipment advice
  • Maximising utilisation of the estate and staff

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